Kam IV Inc. Press Release 2018


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Los Angeles, California, January 26, 2018

Kam IV, the owner of all intellectual property associated with the founder of American Kenpo Karate, Edmund Kealoha “Ed” Parker, Sr., announced today that it has successfully concluded the lawsuit it filed against Daniel P. D’Onfro d/b/a Dan D’Onfro’s World Class Kenpo Karate Academy in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. As part of the outcome of the litigation, D’Onfro agreed to an order of the court preventing him from making unauthorized use of Kam IV’s trademarks and copyrighted material. Kam IV’s president Darlene L. Parker Tafua said, “We are very pleased we were able to accomplish this outcome in defending and protecting our father’s legacy and all the intellectual property associated with him is of utmost importance to us and the mission of KAM IV Inc.”

Kam IV Inc. owns all trademarks and copyrights associated with Edmund Kealoha “Ed” Parker, Sr., the founder of American Kenpo Karate. Mr. Parker Sr., who lived from 1931 to 1990, adapted the art of Kenpo Karate to make it more easily applicable to the streets of America, and called his style American Kenpo Karate. Among the trademarks are the name Ed Parker, Sr. (including his signature), the International Kenpo Karate Association crest patch and logo, a “I.K.C. flame logo and patch”, a “universal patch” logo, the names “International Karate Championships,” “International Kenpo Karate Association,” “IKC,” and “IKKA,” and the insightful descriptions, terminologies, curriculum created and developed by Mr. Ed Parker Sr. for the many American Kenpo moves and techniques. Among the copyrighted works are numerous instructional manuals, books, audio and visual digital content.

Kam IV, Inc. is owned by his eldest daughter Darlene Parker-Tafua and is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Ed Parker, Sr., including the integrity and substantial value of the intellectual property associated with him.

“Black Belt Pledge”
I hold that my time and my skill are the assets of my profession, assets which grow in value as I progress in the Art until, as a Third Degree Black Belt, I stand as a fully qualified instructor. It shall also be my responsibility to protect any student from ravenous individuals who would try to take advantage of personal weaknesses to divest the gullible that into unprofitable paths, to preserve the sacred things, God, family, country, and Association, I pledge my all.” -Ed Parker Sr.

To all American Kenpo Practitioners,

Our purpose is to find those whose desire is to learn and teach Ed Parker Sr.’s American Kenpo Karate under the proper legal authority of the I.K.K.A. which is owned and operated by Kam IV Inc.

Kam IV Inc. was created by Mrs. Leilani Parker to protect and promote the legacy of her late husband as outlined by SGM Ed Parker Sr. Kam IV Inc. is currently owned and operated by Ed Parker Sr.’s eldest daughter, President Darlene Parker Tafua. Who are the legal owners of all Ed Parker Sr.’s intellectual property as stated in the attached press release.

Our mission is to do our best at fulfilling the vision of SGM Ed Parker Sr.’s organizational and business goals as prescribed by him, in our possession. We seek those willing to invest in a future that will benefit their family and their students, to join with us.

Alternatively, those who do not wish apply to the I.K.K.A. will be held accountable for illegal use of Ed Parker Sr.’s intellectual property.

We are offering an opportunity for the future that you and your students can not nor will not receive from any other Kenpo organization in the world. We offer you the chance to learn, study, teach, and earn official belt ranking in SGM Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate.


Nalu Tafua
IKKA Membership Director

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