Comparison of the 16/20 versus the 24 Technique Curriculum – By Mr. Tommy Burks – Master of the Arts – I.K.K.A.

There is a myth that has been propagated and often debated within the American Kenpo Karate community regarding SGM Ed Parker Sr.’s system curriculum. A myth that has proven to not best serve practitioners of Ed Parker Sr.’s American Kenpo Karate system. What myth, you may ask? The myth that there is another American Kenpo Karate system curriculum other than the one and complete core curriculum that was created, developed and prescribed by SGM Ed Parker Sr.

This “Must Read” in depth research and comparison White Paper written and presented by  Mr. Tommy Burks – Master of the Arts – I.K.K.A., the first in a new series of Ed Parker’s I.K.K.A. White Papers, will aid in exposing the myth, resolve many frequently asked questions and is sure to stimulate more.