I.K.K.A. Affiliate Application

Submitting your I.K.K.A. Affiliate Application

We appreciate your interest in joining Ed Parker Sr.’s International Kenpo Karate Association. Home of the Ed Parker Sr. American Kenpo Karate system.

We are the original, the official and the authentic I.K.K.A. founded and registered by Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker Sr. in 1956 and administered by the Ed Parker Sr. family.

We are eager to receive and review your applicant. Your applications approval will be based on receiving the below listed items to be included and submitted with your application.

  • A color photograph of the Applicant. The photo should be similar to a passport photo or the photo used on a photo Identification Card or Driver’s license.
  • A color scan of the applicant’s most recent belt ranking certificate. Must be a legible scan of the complete certificate including all authorizing signatures and dates.
  • The I.K.K.A. Application and Affiliate Application Questionnaire.
  • A non-refundable $10.00 application processing fee. If your application is approved the $10.00 processing fee will be credited towards your first years School membership fees balance.
I.K.K.A. Club Membership: I.K.K.A. School Membership:
  • 1 to 24 Students
  • $150.00 – Per Year
  • 25 or More Students
  • $300.00 – Per Year