Since the launch of our new website on March 19, 2015, conversations have taken place among Kenpo practitioners around the world. We are aware that some do not understand our intentions and, therefore, misinterpret the goals and direction of Kam IV. Over the past 24 years, since the passing of our father, some practitioners who teach his art have altered it or watered it down, yet they use his logos, his name and his system to advance their schools. Some have been promoted to the same rank as the Senior Grandmaster with no criteria for advancement. People have reprinted information from his copyrighted books and manuals for their own financial gain. Unfortunately over time, the integrity of Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate has been tarnished. It is no wonder that new students are confused when they look for a reputable instructor.

We reiterate the purpose of our involvement, to protect the integrity of our father’s work. Those who have been true to the system for many years, with the right intentions, understand that obtaining an official license allows them to use specific Intellectual Property because they demonstrate a commitment to the integrity of the art. Those who do not fall into this category will not pass the screening by the Black Belt Board or the consultants and will not qualify for a licensing agreement. The process of cleaning things up is difficult, but we believe it is long overdue.

The goal of licensing is not a request for retroactive compensation, it is for the continued use of our father’s name and system. The cost of licensing is minimal and provides substantial benefits to the studio owner. By renewing all trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc. it allows Kam IV to put things back on the right path. There is no other way to stop the widespread degradation without this process. We are confident that we are moving in the right direction and we hope that those who understand our mission will support us in our efforts.

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  1. Dennis Bechly
    Dennis Bechly says:

    Just curious as to where the proceeds of the “licensing” are directed and for what purposes.

    • edparker_admin
      edparker_admin says:

      Dear Sir,

      Monies acquired by KAM IV Inc. are used to serve many purposes. First, for the protection of all Ed Parker Sr.’s logos, trademarks and copyrights. Second, for the manufacturing of books and materials written and produced by Ed Parker Sr. Third, to assist properly licensed schools and clubs by providing seminars and training to instructors and students. Lastly, for the maintenance and growth of Ed Parker Sr.’s International Kenpo Karate Association.

  2. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    What is the copy written material that membership gives us access to? I assume the crest and Journals. I’ve had the early Parker Journals for years, do you have any updates? What other things are available?

    • edparker_admin
      edparker_admin says:

      Hello Brandon,

      All of Ed Parker Sr.’s trademarked and copyrighted materials, including but not limited to the use of the Kenpo crest and EPS Belt journals, are be available to licensed schools and clubs. Our belt journals are currently being reprinted for our licensees.

  3. Terry baker
    Terry baker says:

    For my self and my family, I am pleased to see Ed’s (Grandmaster) Parker’s family involved. I know of what you have stated to be true fact. I have in the last few years, ran into a few folks, who claimed to be a Senior Grandmaster of Kenpo. and, that G/M Parker had in fact gave the title to them. when in fact. they knew nothing of this Master, nor, his schooling and skills. they were in fact frauds. It is a shame. I have known this man, as My Fathers friend. then my friend, my teacher, and, I* had the Honor, very much so, of knowing his family.
    I say God speed, Keep the Honor, be true.

  4. Martin Anthony
    Martin Anthony says:

    Dear Parker Family,

    On January 27th 2014 I enjoyed my first Kenpo Karate lesson. My Sensei can trace his lineage back to your father GM Ed Parker Sr. Your father has changed my life forever even though I have never met him. Tomorrow, June 6th 2017, is my Kenpo Karate Shodan test. I know that your father’s fighting spirit will be with me. My Christian faith will let me pass this test so that I am always ready to stand up for the least fortunate in the world and help those in need. I believe that your father expects this of his black belts. Thank You for keeping your father’s legacy going. I am with you all the way to the finish. Respectfully, Martin Anthony

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